CHALLENGE – How to be a part of it and win GREAT awards


Dear associates,

We have prepared your first challenge! A challenge that everyone wins! Yes, it is true, every challenge participant receives an award from the Native Media platform. To be a part of it, you need to share your experience or your opinion about our advertising platform (be free to compare us with other platforms) on your blog or portal. Do not spare us.

Now we will briefly let you know all about the challenge we have prepared for you. We will start with the awards because we assume that is what interests everyone the most.

Each participant receives the award. Yes, you read well, the each one will receive the award. The first three places receive a cash prize in the following amounts:

  • The first prize is €100
  • Another €50
  • Third €35

All other participants will receive €25 each in the form of an advertising credit on the Native Media platform.

Where do you need to publish the articles?

You should publish the texts on your blog as a blog post or as an article on the web portal. Here is an idea of what form you can write it in:

  • The theme may be a kind of tutorial (how our platform is used, how it works, how to register, etc.
  • You can express your experience about our network (how satisfied you are, what the profits are, how long you work with us, etc.)
  • You can write an analysis. Feel free to compare the Native Media network to those like us (Mgid, Adnow, Adsense, etc.)

To be part of the challenge, you will have to follow several smaller rules, which are:

  • Post needs to have minimum 300 words
  • One attendee can send multiple posts, but the prize will be awarded for just one post

So, you are allowed to send multiple posts, but only the best one by our criteria will compete for the prize. That is, one user is one prize. You will not get an award for each text you write.

The criteria we decide which three announcements are best:

  • How many words the post consists of
  • Number of posts you send
  • Your activity on our platform
  • Quality of post

You send a link post to [email protected]

The winner will be announced on 07.07.2021. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!

Participant posts


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