FAQ– Frequently asked questions


Our platform collaborates with a lot of web sites (over 300). They contain diverse topics such as Beauty & Health, Culinary & Nutrition, Lifestyle, Sports & Fitness, etc. The variety of topics allows advertisers to reach a lot of their target audience and potential customers. Please note that in the last month web sites as Health & Beauty had more than 47 500 000,00 views. When it comes to News portals, visits exceed 45 000 000, 00 in the last month.

Yes, you can. On the Dashboard you will find an option for pause the campaign. Click on it and that’s it. Your ad will not run and your budget will not be spent until you click activation again.


Immediately after adding a new website, you can set up widgets. During the day, we review the sites and contact you if necessary. If we aren’t contacting you, that means everything is fine. For more detailed instructions, go to the Publisher Instructions section.

Of course, you can. There is a Spend on Advertising option in the Publisher Payments section in the menu.

No, you can’t. One widget’s code can only be used once, on one website. A new widget must be created for each additional position.

The Native Media makes payments via PayPal, Skrill and into a bank account. The request of payment is submitted in the dashboard, in Payment section.

Payments are made once a week, Tuesdays.

Yes. You need to tick the responsive option when you’re creating the widget.

The statistics are updated every hour.

Two widgets are allowed to be placed on the web site. One at the beginning of the article and can have 2 larger or 4 smaller ads. The other at the end of the article and can have 6 larger or 8 smaller ads. You can also place widgets in the side columns of the site. In this case, you can place a widget at the end of the content and in the sidebar. You can arrange your widgets in other ways as well. You are not allowed to place more than 2 larger or 4 smaller ads at the beginning of the article.

There is an option in the dashboard where you can add sites that you do not want your ads to appear on. In the Publisher Dashboard, go to the site filter, enter the site link and click on Add Site.

Placing widgets in popup windows is strictly prohibited, as is inviting a user to click on an advertisement. Native Media used prominent level technology which easily discovers if this rule is not respected. We strive to maintain the quality of the target audience in the right way. We really strive hardto maintain the quality of the target audience.


Sign Up on the Native Media platform and click on the Referral Program option at the end of the dashboard menu. Click here to download your unique links and banners for referral program.