Welcome To Native Media

Native Media is an online market place where advertisers can sell their ads to publishers who will inturn return traffic to the advertisers. Native Media supports advertisers and publishers of all sizes. Advertisers just need to submit their ads and configure their target audience and budget using Native Media advertiser account. Publishers need to generate adcodes of desired dimensions using Native Media publisher account. Ad selling and traffic exchange are automatically handled by the highly sophisticated Native Media platform.

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Native Media is one of the top digital advertising platforms in Europe, North America and Australia. Native media helps promoting your brand or product at the moment your audience is most ready to meet new products and services. Advertisers just need to create ads of two segments: title and image. Title need to be from 60 to 70 characters and dimension of image is 287 x 163 pixels. Last but not least, advertisers need to configure target audience.

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Native Media

Native Media provides a highly sophisticated online platform for advertisers and publishers of all sizes to meet up and exchange advertisements and traffic in a mutually benificial manner.

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The Native Media give opportunity to publishers to place native ads on their websites. Our ads are reliable, very interesting and they show well on any website. Native Media support asynchronously ad loading, so your site will not slow the page down. Native ads fit excellent with design and content of your website. We give publishers the opportunity to generate more revenue from the websites.

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Our Features

Quick Sign Up

Simple steps to become an Advertiser or Publisher.

Perfect Ad

Offer to you possibility to make perfect ad which will increase your audience.

Targeting Capabilities

Target your audience by keywords, geo-locations, display devices and language.

Customizable Ad Codes

The publishers can customize the adcodes to look great on your websites.

Fraud Detection

Advanced monitoring to prevent repetitive, invalid, proxy and automated clicks.

Detailed Reporting

Time period based reports for ads, keywords and adcodes.

Secure Payments

Fast and secre payments using Paypal or credit cards.

Easy Payout

Various payout methods such as PayPal, Skrill or ePayment are available for publisher.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated technical support team are always here to assist you with any questions.

Our Partners